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What We Do
PLITEK® manufactures complete coffee degassing solutions.

PLITEK®’s PLI-VALV® one-way degassing systems are the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution for degassing freshly roasted coffee in its packaging.
PLI-VALV® degassing system solutions include:

• Externally applied, one-way degassing valves for a range of packaging sizes and types

• Semi-automatic and high speed applicator systems

• Testing and quality assurance systems

• System design, build, installation, service, and support

PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves, known as coffee valves or packaging valves enable head-space gases from inside of sealed packaging to escape while providing an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contamination keeping products intact and preserving its quality.

PLITEK® also designs, manufactures, installs and services PLI-VALV® valve applicator systems.
PLI-VALV® applicator systems are installed on existing or new vertical or horizontal form fill seal equipment. Our applicators can apply from 50 to 300+ valves per minute, making it an efficient degassing solution.

PLI-VALV® Valve Applicator Systems

- PVA-50™ – Semi-automatic valve applicator for pre-made bags and lids.

- 150 Series – Automatic, intermittent or continuous motion valve applicator system with rates up to 150 valves per minute.

- Custom – Automatic, intermittent or continuous motion valve applicator system with rates of 300+ valves per minute.

With 30+ years of industry leadership in proven degassing valve technology, over 400 million valves produced annually, and worldwide customer base PLI-VALV® degassing systems offer a reliable degassing solution to your packaging.

Our patented PLI-VALV® technology combined with valve applicator systems, and USA manufacturing means we are your one-stop shop. The result: less risk and an enormous time saver.

We have designed and engineered every component in our PLI-VALV® line to be reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
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